“C the Light” finally Cees the Light of day! (A short story about…)

It was such a horror at the time with preparing the album and arranging a double promotion, but the grand idea and lack of sleep helped a lot. It wasn’t enough for me to just mark our double album coming out by going out on the stage and performing in front of all of our friends and colleagues. Nooo! We just HAD to make it more pompous and challenging. So the idea for the song came about in one of gazillion conversations Yeqy and I had during the earlier months of 2015. Actually, the first time ever we talked about it was 10 years prior, but we were so disorganised, young and in lack of any kind of funding back then that it was practically impossible to acomplish such an enormous task. And the first time we ever came close to that was in November 2014 when I composed a song (it was later rearranged for the Skylights album and is now called Element) which we agreed to work on, but never had enough time. Luckilly, in September 2015, both of us finally got to the drawing board and in a week we made one track that was going to be our finale at the promotion party that was scheduled for October 27th.

It wouldn’t be interesting if it was so simple. Since me and my band are working in a famous Serbian show Late Night with Ivan Ivanovic I had the idea of getting Yeqy and me to play that song as a part of announcing of the promotion party and we had, like, 5 days to prepare it for the show AND for the party because we didn’t have any more time due to our other gigs.

It has been a great priviledge to work on this song with my fabulous friend Milan Jejina a.k.a The Yeqy and we hope to bring you some more excellent news soon!

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